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Forest Schools

How Forest School links to the EYFS

For our 2 year olds we focus mainly on the 3 prime areas and for children aged 3 and 4 we focus on all areas of the curriculum.

Below are some of the ways that Forest School will help your child develop in each area.

Prime areas

Personal, social and emotional development

The nature of Forest school sessions participated in regularly encourages confidence building, social awareness and feelings of security. Children are encouraged to play individually or given group tasks.

The techniques used will help them to respond to appropriate boundaries and routines.

Communication and Language

The children will very often start to use a lot of language when outside and exploring. For the younger children it is a great way to develop their ever expanding vocabulary.

The older children will be able to develop their listening and understanding skills and use more advanced, reflective language to speak about their likes and dislikes and feelings.

Physical development

For the younger children this will mostly be about using their gross motor skills and developing their stamina. They will be encouraged to run, walk, climb, jump and use their whole body.

The older children will be able to recognise obstacles and think about their own safety and develop their own risk taking skills.

Specific Areas


Being outdoors enables the children to recognise different objects in their surroundings. Plant and tree recognition using pictures and their senses enables early reading skills.


The surroundings of the forest enable many maths opportunities and time to compare sizes, shapes, lengths and weight of different objects.

Understanding of the world

Being outdoors in all seasons encourages the children to learn about the world around them as well as learning about change and growth.

Expressive art and design

There is plenty of opportunity for children to express themselves through their own movements and using their imagination. The outside offers many different ways to develop their abilities.